Hello Dolly

"In her turn as Hermia, Halle Morse is explosive and masterful in bringing out the lover and fighter in this classic character. Morse doesn't miss a beat, picks up all the textual nuances of Hermia, while making it seem natural and new to the stage. She's a theatrical star that shines brightly into the night."
- New York Theatre Review

Blues in the Night

"Halle Morse, whose lithe movements matched her sultry singing, plays 'The Girl'"
- TimeOut Milwaukee
"Halle Morse was the bright chorine, a bundle of artistic and sexual energy… Morse played real, scored percussion on the apartment's furniture. Morse, owner of a laser-beam soprano, tended toward later songs, notably Ann Ronell's 'Willow Weep for Me,' 'I've Got a Date with a Dream' and a delightful 'Taking a Chance on Love.'"
- Third Coast Digest
"Morse lends credibility and depth to Anne Ronell's 'Willow Weep for Me,' mixing youthful naiveté and enthusiasm with tears and bitterness in a familiar song that's too often poorly performed."
- Wisconsin Gazette
"Three of the singers are women—or more accurately, one woman at three different stages of life. Petite and lovely Halle Morse plays the singer as a girl. Each woman has a big voice and a big personality and each has her shining moments... Halle Morse is vulnerable and desirable in 'Willow Weep for Me'"
- Examiner.com
"Zonya Love, Halle Morse and Lili Thomas are the three women who drive this show. They take the songs and wring every last drop of great out of them. Certified divas, all of them."
- OnMilwaukee.com
"Thomas wails on the trumpet often accompanied by Morse's drumsticks beating on dresser tops. The pensive Morse slows the tempo with a moving 'Willow Weep for Me.' ...The talent speaks for every minute in the evening."
- PostScript Performing Arts
"Morse's off-white, pink-flecked dress and open face give The Girl away as the tender romantic she still is - driven home by Morse's aching rendition of 'Willow Weep for Me.' ... From start to finish, this sizzling night belongs to the women."
- Journal Sentinel
"Fans of blues music, hell, fans of good music and great voices, all owe it to themselves to take in this show. It couldn't be better with chocolate on top."
- Examiner.com
"The youngest is "The Girl," played by Halle Morse in the same upbeat tempo with which she wields her drumsticks… They made every number count. At the end, the audience could do nothing but explode into an ovation as intense and heartfelt as the show it had just witnessed."
- Third Coast Digest

Hello Dolly

"My favourite character was Minnie played by Halle Morse. She played Irene Molloy's assistant but drew you in with her high comical voice, attitude and rag doll like movements."
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- 102.3 BOB FM
"The laughs rolled with Halle Morse as the hat maker's frantic assistant, Minnie Fay"
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- Mlive.com
"the fluttering busybody Minnie Fay (the adorable Halle Morse)"
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- Ohio.com
"delightfully farcical foils Barnaby (Garett Hawe) and Minnie (Halle Morse)"
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- Tap Milwaukee
"Halle Morse as Barnaby's love Minnie Fay was a beautiful sight with wonderful dance moves."
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- Discover Albany
"Morse and Slaybaugh, in fact, are the show's best dancers, able to do flips and turns with ease."
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- Sioux City Journal

Hello Dolly

"Jeremy Morse as Barnaby and Halle Morse as Minnie were comically perky and perfect"
- Satoshi KYO Reviews
"[Halle Morse as] Minnie was perfectly cast"… Favorite moment: Minnie in the hat shop!
- Ticketmaster Reviews


"Director Gary John LaRosa has assembled a virtual beehive of talent, including young powerhouse, Halle Morse as Little Inez."
- My Big Fat Theatre Reviews

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